Your Privacy Matters

Gladly is dedicated to protecting your privacy and using your data responsibly.

What do we collect?

  • Your Profile. We ask for your email address and username when you sign up.
  • Your Preferences. To show you ads you'll like, we sometimes ask about you and your interests. Sharing this info is completely optional.
  • Behavior in our Apps. To make the app work properly, we keep track of the actions you take in our apps, like when you give to a charity or view an ad.
  • Browser and OS Info. To help us debug any problems with the app, we sometimes log info about what browser and operating system you use.

Who do we share with?

  • Ad Networks. To show you ads you'll like, our ad partners may receive anonymized data about you (like your interests and the ads you've viewed).
  • Data Analytics. We use some third-party tools, like Google Analytics, that help us understand how people use our apps so that we can make them better.
  • Software Tools. We sometimes share data with third-party software to make Goodblock work well. For example, we might share your email address with MailChimp, which we use to send you Goodblock update emails.

Browser extensions

The Goodblock browser extensions also fully abide by this privacy policy. Because browser extensions can often access a lot of personal data, we wanted to provide more details about our approach to protecting your privacy in the Goodblock browser extensions:

  • User Control. No matter what, we strive to clearly ask for your permission before collecting any sensitive data.
  • Chrome Policy. Our browser extension comply with Chrome's extension user data policy.
  • Privacy Transparency. Our browser extension asks for permissions to work correctly. We describe what these permissions are used for here.

Full Details

The overview above reflects how we operate.
But sometimes you just want the unabridged version :)