Our charities

After doing our homework, we picked charities that represent a wide variety of causes and we feel do an exceptional job of turning donation dollars into positivie impact.

Human Rights Watch

Goodblock Human Rights Watch

An independent, international organization that defends the rights of people worldwide.

Room to Read

Goodblock Room to Read

Creating a future in which all the world's children can pursue a quality education


Goodblock Water.org

Provides safe water and sanitation solutions that give communities health, hope, and a future

Conservation International

Goodblock Conservation International

Because saving nature is the only way to save ourselves


Goodblock Experience Educate

Creating the future of secondary education in Africa to bring youth out of poverty

Save the Children

Goodblock Save the Children

Giving the world's children a healthy start, an opportunity to learn, and protection from harm.

The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck

Goodblock Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck

Distributes 100% of donations to non-profits selected by Nerdfighteria and the PFA.

Action Against Hunger

Goodblock Action Against Hunger

A global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger.