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Once a day, our buddy Tad the butterfly will appear. To raise money for charity, click on him to view your one ad for the day.

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Enjoy one ad a day

After clicking on Tad, you'll see a high-quality ad - full of fun, resource and wit. We're not saying they're the best ads, but they kinda are.

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Be Charitable

After viewing your ad, you’ll earn Hearts. Donate those Hearts to any of our partnered charities and continue browsing ad free. It’s that simple.

Goodblock: ads the Gladly way

The Internet needs ads to thrive but they shouldn’t compromise your experience. We started Gladly with the goal of creating advertising that people would actually love.

Ads, when carefully crafted, can be delightful. Our mission is to hold the Internet to that standard. Think entertaining Super Bowl ads plus data privacy.


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